As we know, this winter has not started off with the usual cold temperatures but the cold with come and you will need to be prepared. For many, the drop in temperature means worsen aches and pains in the knees and other areas, especially if you have arthritis. The wintertime can make simple walking difficult and you may even dread getting out of bed in fear of the pain the cold brings. Not to worry, we have some helpful information and tips to make sure you are prepared when the winter weather finally makes it appearance.

Tips to winter-proof your joints

  • Exercise – A lack of exercise can increase pain, so incorporating exercise into your routine can greatly reduce it. Additionally, exercise increases blood circulation, so it has longer lasting effects on joint pain, even after you’re done moving. Lastly, exercise keeps muscles strong, which is important for those with arthritic pain as it will keep joints together.
  • Eat a balanced diet– Diet, too, plays a role in joint pain. The foods we eat work to keep our bones and muscles strong, so enjoying a balanced meal of fruits, vegetables, grains and protein can go a long way. Although it’s important to eat well all-year round, it’s especially important during the winter.
  • Stay hydrated – And we’re not talking about coffee! Drinking plenty of water is important; much of the body is comprised of water. Staying hydrated works to keep the cartilage between joints well lubricated and reduces friction, which ultimately leads to pain.
  • Wear knee supports – Depending on the support you require, your doctor can recommend proper knee support in order to keep your knee in place and stable.
  • See a specialist – If you experience high levels of pain, we recommend you see a doctor. Not only will they pinpoint the pain but help you prevent it from worsening this winter.

Hopefully these tips help you this winter and if you feel your pain is worse, give Pain Specialists of Columbia a call, we will be open FEBRUARY 2016 and are now accepting new patient appointments. Call Today! 803-252-4900